Through His grace, God has awakened our souls to Himself; He brings to us new life through the risen Lord Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit! The barrier of sin that kept us from God’s presence has been rent asunder through Jesus Christ. In response to what God has done, We now seek God, Father, Son, and Spirit and seek the character of God’s being to His glory. Through study of The Word of God, prayer, worship, and acts of service, we are always seeking and searching to know Jesus more fully, for in Him, all things hold together. As we seek the Lord, we are steadily being transformed to have the mind of Christ more and more.



As we seek the Lord and begin to take on His character, we are drawn to serve Him through service to our community. We pray for each other, we give our time and resources to each other, we hold each other accountable, and we serve wherever we find needs in our community. As we render our bodies to acts of service, we reveal the grace, mercy, hope, and power of the Lord to all.


God’s sovereign power and grace enables us to participate in His work to spread the Good News of forgiveness of sin and our redemption in His perfect love. In seeking God and serving in God’s name, we sow the seeds of joy and promise to our hurting world. Like a farmer sowing seeds in a field, we sow God’s peace, hope, love, and joy wherever we may be - trusting that we will leave every place or situation better than it was when we arrived.


  • Help people know Jesus and His Spirit, to praise His Name, and to explore the wonder of His grace through His Word;

  • Provide a community where seeking souls can ask honest questions about God’s Spirit and faith;

  • Be a place where people can find the courage, strength, and support to make it through life’s joys, challenges, and tribulations;

  • Call people to step up to the high calling of being a disciple of Jesus in a world thirsty for truth;

  • Help us walk with the Lord daily.



  • We believe in the total Sovereignty, Power and Providence of God. God is the beginning and end of all things.


  • We believe that in Jesus Christ, the Word of God became flesh and dwelt among us. In Jesus Christ, the Triune God and His promise and purpose for us is revealed.


  •  Trinity - We believe in one God Father, Son, Holy Spirit.


  • We recognize and confess the human sin of idolatry, tyranny, and prideful disobedience, and our total inability to achieve a right relationship with God on our own. It is only through God’s grace that we are saved and enabled enjoy a daily walk with Him.


  • We believe that Salvation is the gracious act of God by through faith in Jesus Christ alone. No other name is given under Heaven by which we are saved.


  • We Believe that the Bible is the Holy and inspired Word of God, and is the final rule of faith, life, and obedience.


  • We believe that the Election of the people of God is for service as well as for salvation.


  • We believe in God's active involvement in the covenant community of God's people.


  • We believe that God demands an attitude of faithful stewardship of ourselves, our gifts, our resources, and His creation.


  • We believe that we are called be disciples of Jesus Christ and to stand on his truth so our community will know His love, grace, freedom, and hope. Through prayer, fellowship and study, we are called to be His church for Plant City.

First Presbyterian Church