• Wednesdays in June:  Continuing “Life Lessons” - We have supper at 6:00 pm and after supper, at 6:30 pm, we will review prayer concerns and ask open-ended questions about life and faith, some funny, some serious.  But the point is to have people in the church talking with each other about life and faith.  It’s amazing to hear the variety of stories that people can share - it’s interesting and illuminating. You can speak or just sit and listen, but it’s a great time. Please come join us so we can enhance our fellowship


  • Sunday, June 26:  There will be a VERY much deserved “Sip n Chat” in honor of Linda Romano, our church Administrative Assistant, in Schneider Hall after worship on Sunday, June 26, 2022. There will be a card basket there where you can leave cards, notes, and gifts.

  • *POSTPONED* :  We will be having a church Worship and Picnic on Baker Street in celebration of the church’s 137th anniversary! There are no specific plans yet except that we need to create a great celebration for the church. The Session will be looking for folks to help with meals, decorations, and picnic activities. Mark the date!


  • September 4 - 7: Many of us will be traveling to Nashville, Tennessee for the SING! Music and Worship Conference at the Opryland/Gaylord Hotel complex. This event helps church music leaders and participants fine tune or rebuild their church’s music and worship program. It’s very well known in the church music world, and while is it a church music conference, the keynote presentations will be a blessing for anyone desiring to see growth and vitality in the church. If some of you would like to attend but simply can’t because of finances, there are benefactors in the church who will help make it possible for you to attend. Let the pastor know. So give this event some though and prayer and consider going with us to be encouraged, and recharged about the growing joy of the church. Most of our music team is planning to attend - please come along! See the Website: gettymusicworshipconference.com/