Hello All!


We’re going to give it a try - we’re going to stage worship back in our wonderful Sanctuary!  But worship won’t be the same for a while, Your participation can help us make it better each week - provided the COVID conditions in our community remain acceptable.


As the Session met last night, question after question rose up about a great many details.  Please understand that there is no “just going back to the way we worshiped before.”  This will be a work in progress.  Any details about way the service is conducted this week can change from one week to next as we figure out the best path forward with inside worship.


Here are the details for Worship in the Sanctuary:


1) Worship will begin at 10:00 a.m. The “Fellowship Hall” Sunday school class will gather after worship - all are welcome to come.


2) Masks are required for the whole service of worship  (That includes the preacher!).  Extra masks are available, but it is most helpful if you bring your own. The masks are not so much for you as much as they are for others - we seek to increase the sense of safety for all.


3) While there will be meditative music, and prayers and affirmations spoken by the congregation, there will be no singing of hymns.  Singing out is one of the significant dangers of inside worship.  We know this (and the masks) will be frustrating for many, but ask your patience these next few weeks as “the dust settles” a bit.


4) As of this writing, childcare has not been arranged, but we are working to provide what is commonly called a “cry-room” adjacent to the Sanctuary.  We hope to get a video/TV feed there that parents can watch.  We are also seeking a child-caregiver, for worship time as well.  It’s a work in progress.  We hope to have the child-care resolved before this Sunday.  You will receive another email once we confirm it.


5) The Service will be radio broadcasted as usual (92.9 FM), so you my park somewhere near the Sanctuary building and hear the service.  We will continue with Facebook Live, as well.  So, you have three options for worship this Sunday.


This is where we begin the journey back to inside worship.  But, I remind you again  - it is a work in progress.  The only way to get “inside worship” going where it should is to get it going, evaluate it constantly, and make proper adjustments.


The last, perhaps most important measure for the Session will be attendance.   Our attendance will be very telling.   I hope our Elders hear some constructive comments from you along the way about what might make things better.   Let them know what works, maybe what does not work so well.  Give some helpful feedback so we can find our way through these days.  I truly pray we’ll have a good gathering;  the service may not be everything you’d like it to be just yet, but keep working with us to make it better to God’s glory!    ( BTW - we at least need a quorum to have our Elder Election!  I think we need at least 12 members! )


Blessings to you and yours...


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